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firewall access question for UT3 - Thanks in advance

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    firewall access question for UT3 - Thanks in advance

    I am sorry to bother but I have tried checking the forum 26 posts out of 500 posts for an answer on what ports and IP addresses are needed access through my Norton Internet Security firewall to play UT3 multiplayer online. I am not hosting.

    Do I have to allow full access for UT3 through the firewall or are there certain udp,tcp and IP addresses that need to be allowed access to play multiplayer. Originally I had full access for the game and that worked fine but ran into some issues that require a more secure connection.

    I have tried just allowing the following ports through my Norton firewall info which I got from Epic website but I did not get past gamespyid premissions:

    tcp ports 27900, 28900
    udp ports 7777-7778, 7787-7788
    UDP 6500 - Gamespy Query Port

    Ureal Master Server info:


    I ran netstat -a and it shows different gamespy IP address and ports trying to connect to me than the ones you speak of and I am at loss in understanding as to what is going on here with Gamespy and UT3.

    Gamespy IP address and ports showing up trying to access my computer are these:

    IP address: udp port 28910 and udp port 29900

    Check the photo link below for photo of it about Gamespy:

    I would appreciate it if Epic would forward this information to Fox Interactive Media, Inc which owns IGN which owns gamespy, theplanet, 3dactionplanet, etc.. on my behalf since obviously gamespy itself appears to be involved in this issue.

    I should of mentioned that UT3 is the only game installed presently and the only thing running except for Steam. So you can imagine my confusion.

    What does and Heretic II udp port 28910 and udp port 29900 have to do with playing UT3. After this I can understand why Epic is losing people playing UT3 if they are going to allow the individual player's computer to be abused apparently by people at gamespy,3dactionplanet and, or by persons unknown accessing said websites through there connections associated with gamespy and 3dactionplanet,the planet, Heretic II and UT3.

    Someone is possibly accessing my computer and making use of the info. I would appreciate an inquiry into the possibly that 3dactionplanet and Gamespy by individuals unknown are abusing there authority and accessing private info for personal use and or for profit.

    I have a gamespyid verified online and by email from gamespy so that is not the problem.