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Random FPS slowdowns

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    Random FPS slowdowns

    Every minute or so of smooth play my PC gets, it drops to around 1 or 2 FPS (yes, unplayably choppy) for a few seconds then bounces back up. I noticed my CPU usage going from 96-98% to 100% constant during those seconds of choppiness. I tried opening task manager during one of the slowdowns to monitor what was going on but no special activity seemed to be happening.

    I have had a similar problem with portal but that was because my GFX was overheating at 130 degrees celcius. I recently fixed up its airflow and it stays at around 60 degrees after gaming.

    My specs:
    Vista home premium 32-bit
    1gb ram (low, i know, but my other gig died)
    X2 5200 windsor
    BFG 7950GT

    Steps I took to rectify/verify the problem:
    I changed the res from 800x600 through every resolution all the way up to 1680x1050 (which is my native res), and on all low settings every single resolution produces playable constant FPS with the 1-2FPS slowdowns at similar time intervals. I think this rules out a performance issue and points towards a driver conflict.

    Can anybody help me out?

    try to untick [one frame thread lag]in setting>video>advanced.
    ut3 depends heavily on CPU and it will be better to have 2G ram.


      My GFX was overheating and throttling. ****, the problem was so obvious and I neglected to check it