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    kismet question

    i am having a problem causing damage to a power core of mine. im pretty sure the problem lies in the actual cause damage node but i cant find the source. i believe it has something to do with the momentum since i have no idea what it does, but i set it to 0 and nothing changed.

    this is a warfare map btw
    well anyway here is the problem, i set the cause damage float to 100 so that it would take 1 health from the enemy power core and the delay at the end is set to 1 second. = 1 health/sec.

    once it intervals 10 times, it then starts taking 2 health/sec. and it stays like that until the health reaches 0. ive check the kismet and the is nothing that say to interval 10 times and then double. i even connected the final delay straight into the cause damage and no change, same goes with deleting the level reset.

    also the link going off screen on the bottom cause damage just connects to a matinee so that cant be it.

    so to simply.

    100 - 90 = 1 health/sec
    90 - 0 = 2 health/sec

    beginning delay is set to 0 sec
    end delay is sat to 1 sec

    both cause damages have:
    a float of 100
    momentum at 500
    and no damage type

    thanks for your help guys

    Your Cause-Damage is probably alright.
    You may be hammering the initial triggering/activating event. This can cause it to start doubling all the actions from that point in your sequence, on.
    As a test, use a gate just before the loop with autoclosecount=1, to make sure that your loop is OK.
    Adding object comments to your actions (or separate log actions) and temporarily enabling their output to the screen is also a good idea while troubleshooting your setup.