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    Weird problem...

    Hello to everyone,

    I've just bought the Limited Edition's box of UT3....

    ...and I can't find the Serial Number!!! It's been 1 hour and half that I'm searching it everywhere...
    I've launched game for the 1st time and I can't start, because game said me that the serial number is "inside the box". But it isn't nowhere!!! Is not in the booklet, not on the cd, not in the steelbox...

    Here is 10 pm and I'm getting f***ing angry.

    The CE box has the CD key in the back of the user manual.


      Yes, every game I've ever bought in the last 10 years got its key in the back of the user manual... but this one doesn't!

      Nothing on the back, nothing on the cover, nothing printed on the cd or in the steelbox.

      That's a weird thing. Tomorrow I'll bring it back to the store...


        i feel sorry for you having to duffer the horrors of a lost/non existant cd-key, it has happened to me many a time