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CPU Budget (in terms of usage)

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    CPU Budget (in terms of usage)

    Hi, I'm currently studying Games Art and Design and one of our homework assignments is too

    1.List everything that uses CPU time in your mod (e.g. Network, Animation; Rendering,) .

    2. Draw each of them on a pie chart; estimate what's using CPU

    Now i was not sure how I would find this information out(as my mod would be basically the same as running any ut3 session as it is just a weapon model) and it is suggested we ask a programmer or someone very familiar with how the game works. So i was wondering if anyone could help me out

    Basically i need a simple budget of how the cpu is used when playing UT3 so i can make a pie chart similar to something like this,

    Thanks for your time.

    Unreal 3 engine supports multi-core, I bet you could set each core to do each one of these on your own (unless your not a programmer), should not be that hard its been done by some people already. Then again it depends on your settings. Also there are programs out there that calculate for you , just gotta find em. Or if your lucky someone might know


      Thanks for the reply yer i know there's lot of ways this could be distributed i was just after a general idea. I don't suppose anyone know what one of those programs might be?


        Originally posted by DunD2000 View Post
        I bet you could set each core to do each one of these on your own (unless your not a programmer),
        LOL, you obviously are not a programmer, at least not one that has tried threading allot.

        Originally posted by DunD2000 View Post
        Also there are programs out there that calculate for you , just gotta find em.
        Do you mean Profilers?, because those won't work well on released code as symbols are stripped so all you would see are addresses to functions.
        " 0x40b90a was called 100 times and took 7 ms per call."

        This might be helpful for you tho, use ut3's statistics
        As it sounds like you only made a gun, look at the vert count, and script time as those are the two variables most likely going to be affected by your mod if anything. Allot this info likely will not help you.

        Other stat commands you can use are:
        stat audio, engine, fps, game, memory, net, scenerendering, particles, physics, streaming (you can't show more than 3 and they kill your fps)
        might be missing one two I cant remember

        Is this like a high school class assignment?


          this is kinda a rediculous project. as a computer science major i know that it all changes depeneding on the rig. and the way the specific games algorithims are programmed most of it has more to do with the archetecture of the cpu. so i dont see you you make a pie chart that shows relevence of which core is doing more as most multi core games have seperated ai, physics, and graphics to each core. so it all comes down to which core is perfoming better at the moment. and sound is done by the sound card i dont get your assignment. by code it makes no sense and is irrelevent to do that when learning to make any program. this is why i went to mit for compsci not some small school that specifically does gaming design because they actually teach you really what computer science and programming is. if i was to make a pie chart i would compare gpu to like cpu physic to gpu graphics that could be relevent. but cpu if you just compare the load of stuff being applied to cpu you cant seperate it by physics as that goes to the gpu usually now. or graphics as that is gpu too. and all the other things are just programming methods that are irrelevent to any of those aspects i would look at what the guy says above and make it off some of those methods but i still that is irrelevent to what the cpu is working haredest at thats just performance and barely shows where the archetecture is working hardest. this is a stupid assignment that does not have anything to do with programming let alone anything that can help you understand programming i am really curious the reason they assigned you this. well i would just do your best and make a pie chart of what the guy said above and also run a log of which cores are working hardest in the task manager and you might be able to put two and two together but most likely not. but if you were to do the above where people say to seperate the commands to each core seperately then that wont be accurate as the algorithms are in place to make it run faster so seperating it will have no relevence to how the game runs in reality when not seperating it making your information irrelevent you cant seperate the commands and run each one seperately on a cpu then say thats how it runs when they run the game in total that by passes the optimizations they make