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Server settings question..

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    Server settings question..

    Hallo here,
    i have one question about server nsettings, detailed.. Vote system..

    i have RPG server, and i have troubles with idiots who again and again vote for same map (WAR-Torlan) is any way in settings to make map unavailable example before FULL map list is played?
    i remember that from UT2004 where you vote example ONS-TORLAN and for next repete this map all other maps from list must be played, before you can again initialize vote for ONS-TORLAN (or other previous voted map)

    any help pls? is this possible with no mutator? if no.. please do you have any link for map vote mutator? (i found only any retarded mutator, where is map vote, but is included vote for disable announcers, arrows and other ****, and this is really unusefull)

    Thank you