I used the Oldunreal's 227e patch for this, same thing appears in UT99: GOTY.

Okey, as u might know im from the SGU project, and tihs is the error we are fighting with every single time we import any of our models with bones.

(there is a UnrealTournament log in my taskbar, cus i checked in UT and that also cause the same thing.)

As you can see, we can place it in a map, and meshviewer works(the anims also work great).
BUT: when we get it in our sight in-game, our unreal crashes and repeats this message:

Critical: URender::DrawLodMesh
Critical: (SkeletalMesh sgU_svd.sgu_svdMesh)
Critical: DrawMesh
Critical: URender::DrawActorSprite
Critical: URender::DrawActor
Critical: UCanvas::execDrawActor
Critical: (sgU_svd Unreal.sgU_svd0 @ Function Engine.Weapon.RenderOverlays : 0395)
Critical: UObject::ProcessEvent
Critical: (MaleTwo Unreal.MaleTwo0, Function Engine.PlayerPawn.RenderOverlays)
Log: URender::DrawWorld anomaly
We are getting very desperate.. so please help us

regards, Pyronious.

PS>Please move to the right part of the forum, I couldnt find anything related to U1/UT99.