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Play-In-Editor Trouble

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    Play-In-Editor Trouble

    Hi. I'm fairly new to working with the Unreal Editor and I had a question concerning the Play-In-Editor.

    On learning some of the basics, I was following a level design tutorial onthe UDN website Basics
    and at the first part where it mentions being able to test the level,
    I get a weird smearing effect after running "build all" and selecting the
    PIE button. For an idea of what it looks like, it's kinda like this picture here:

    where the cards look like they've been "smeared" all over
    the screen. Whenever I move, my floor and walls have that same effect.

    I'm running the Windows 7 RC, have 4GB RAM, NVIDIA 9800GTX Plus,
    and a Intel Q9400 Quad Core. I'm not sure if the weird smearing
    effect is something to be expected or a Windows 7 problem,
    but if anyone could tell me what is causing it, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    i guess taht your map haven't any background or skydome . Don't be afraid it's normal for all games from Epic games ( even JazzJackrabit2 have the same problem). When you create background objects and hide black space problem will disapear


      I just took a look at a tutorial for building a skydome and the author confirmed exactly what you just said. Thanks a lot for the help, I appreciate it.