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Patch 2.1 cause Freeze on StartLogo from UT3

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    Patch 2.1 cause Freeze on StartLogo from UT3

    Hi, i have a big Problem...

    1. My english is bad, i´m sorry about that.
    2. My UT3 freeze on starting Picture after i had installed the new Patch (patch5). I patch the game, start it, can play, than i close the Game and if i want play after that it freeze.
    3. i have made a Backup from the GameFolder before i patched the game...i can start the Game (v2.0) from that UT3.exe...and after that, i can start for one time the game with the new patch, after i do that i have the same error with the Ut3 v2.1 game. Funny or ?

    4. Somethings that i Try to solve the Error:

    - Delete all Config Files
    - Make a new Installation of UT3 (with uninstallation and Registry clean)
    - Install the new NVidia Driver for VGA Card
    - Disable Hardware Open AL and Hardware PhysX

    5. In my Taskmanager the ut3.exe*32 have a load of 25% and 337.878 K.
    I use the -nohomedir switch, because my My Games Folder is on another partition.

    My OS is a WindowsXp 64bit

    My PC has a Phenom II 940 , 4 GB DDR2, NVidia 9800 GT and i Have 2 HDD´s in a Stripe RAID and 2 in a Mirror RAID ---the Game and the OS is on the Stripe RAID.

    I Hope somebody can help me... I have Read the troubleshooting FAQ but nothing helps.