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    Please help!!!!

    Hi, I have UT3 on my system since one year ago, today I installed the 2.1 patch and then the Titan Pack.

    I started the game as usual and then went to settings to select my character.
    (I use othello, mainly).
    I selected Othello, and when the 3D view started the game crashed and had to exit through Task Manager. The same with every character.

    I said, what the hell, let's start a game instead of going to character selection screen.
    Started Multiplayer with 9 bots, a map from the Titan Pack (Darkmatch).

    Map loads (a little longer than usual), then I get the sounds, the HUD, but instead of viewing the environment I see hundreds of pixels in different colors filling my screen. I repeat, was able to see the HUD and the weapons I was carrying. Then I hear sounds again, I hear First Blood , Bishop rode Connor's rocket into oblivion, and I got an aneurysm resetting my PC, cause the crash was permanent, Task Manager didn't work this time. The same on every map.

    I downloaded the latest Nvidia patch after that, 185.85, but now I can't even enter the menu. I see the startup screen with the UT3 big logo, but then black screen and it stucks there, it doesn't go further.

    Searched all through the net, nobody seems to have this problem.

    PC Configuration:
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
    EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 on EVGA Nforce 720S SLI (or something like that) motherboard.
    Also 8 GB Ram and Windows XP 64bit.


    (I also posted in General Chat by accident, didn't see the troubleshooting section was separated)

    Edited: I also got this problem when I play, the bots are all the same (Barktooth from Iron Guard, I think).
    How to fix that?

    Did you try deleting the ini files in your Config directory? If you added custom characters, I would definatelly delete the UTCustomChar.ini.


      I have a similar issue , I just hooked up a new router, and installed the latest nvidia patch through windows update. Try going back to an earlier nvidia driver. That is what I plan to do tonight. If you try and it works post it.