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Please help with pc ut3 mods._.

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    Please help with pc ut3 mods._.

    oK thanks for the help i im a ps3 player trying to go to pc and i allready bought ut3 for pc, now i installed the game in one of my laptops is a hp and it works fine. The only problem is the resolution if i increase it it lags the mouse all weird but i can go online and stuff but it looks like a nintendo wii.
    Now i wanted to learn how to install mutators and guns and characters to my game, i tried going into my game and ut3files and stuff u know were it says coocked maps and characters something like that and i dont know how please some one help i want to get into pc and stuff thank u guys!!

    what are the specs of your laptop? like video card/cpu/chipset/ram would be helpful to know the reason for the lag. sounds to me like a sh**ty laptop

    to goto the published cooked map directory goto
    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC

    this is where you download maps from here and place it in to play. you should test to see if it works

    To make your own stuff it is usually in the
    My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Unpublished\CookedPC

    in the forums there is a post how to learn ut3...might want to check out there


      it works fine now so the laptop doesnt really suck! but now i can add mutators and weapons but what about the gow characters it wont show whY????? i even have project white.


        i can add the gears of war characters there too?