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UT3 mouse freezing

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    UT3 mouse freezing

    When playing UT3, the mouse tends to lockup randomly for 0.5 to 3 seconds.
    This seems to happen extremely randomly, one time it doesn't happen for multiple matches, and the other time it happens every 1 to 2 minutes.

    During this moment, the game keeps running smoothly, I have stable fps, I can still move; the keyboard input still works, but the mouse input simply stops responding.
    If I happen to be shooting right before this moment, it will keep shooting after mouse control has resumed, until I press the fire button again.

    Searching for this problem only got me results about UT2K4 with the same problem. Activating 3d HW audio and disabling text to speech mode seemed to help for them, but in UT3 I already have this turned off.

    I replaced my memory cards which seemed to be broken, and switched to a reserve mouse, but neither replacement fixed this issue.

    This ònly happens in UT3 for me, not in any other game.
    Any suggestions?

    I had a problem on the original UT like that, but I had really messed up my mouse, and it'd like redetect the USB device every so often. So the pause was related to the operating system and my doinked mouse. Maybe see if re-installing the drivers for your particular mouse helps, if it has any.