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Can no longer play in LAN with 2.1 patch

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    Can no longer play in LAN with 2.1 patch

    Me and some of my co-workers are playing Unreal Tournament 3 together in LAN during breaks while using our office's corporate network.

    Everything worked fine with version 2.0 by using offline profiles, but since version 2.1 came out, we can no longer play in multiplayer together. What happens is that the host can create the game fine and it is visible to everybody, but when a client attempts to connect, the message "Connecting..." stays on the screen indefinitely and nothing happens.

    As far as we know we cannot roll back to version 2.0 because we are all using the Steam version which automatically applies the patch.

    I read the patch notes but there is no mention of anything changed related to communications between players in multiplayer. Meanwhile our IT team is baffled and has no idea what could be wrong.

    What could be different between version 2.0 and 2.1 of Unreal Tournament 3 that could break LAN play on a specific network? Has anybody else encountered a similar issue?

    EDIT: It seems that we have found the cause of the problem. We no longer need support for this issue.

    I have the same problem with playing in LAN, could anyone please give me a hint what to do with the fact that I can't play with anyone in LAN anymore?

    Thanks for help!