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Something's wrong (Possibly Character Models?)

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    Something's wrong (Possibly Character Models?)

    I bought UT3 when it came out. I recently added it to steam. Things were working fine but just two days ago every time I tried to load a map it would just load and load and not go past the loading screen. I have mapmixer installed but I tried it with and without mapmixer. When mapmixer is loaded it gets past the loading screen but then it says loading character models and gets stuck there. Also, when I tried to create a character the game freezes.

    I have tried using both the stock characters and all the custom characters I have. I have tried deleting it and reinstalling it. I have tried deleting the .INI files. I don't know where else to turn. What is my next step?

    I deleted my customchars folder and it works, but I would love to have custom characters in my game. What is wrong?