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Unreal 3 NPC creation

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    Unreal 3 NPC creation

    Hello all,
    I am attempting to add a non playable character to Unreal 3 for a future mod and would like to know if I am moving in the right direction.

    The Script
    I have researched the Uscript files for the AI controlled bots and think I have general grasp of what is needed. There seems to be 2 groups of classes that I have to work with:

    Group 1) The Pawn classes: UTPawn extends Game Pawn extends Pawn
    These seem to be the physical abilities and interactions of the bot with the game world. Walk, run, jump, crouch, shoot, die, take damage, display overlays, etc.
    These are what I will use to tell the NPC what it can do and how it will look.

    Group 2) The controller classes: UTBot extends AIController extends Controller
    This group of classes appear to tell the bot that it is controlled by the AI and how it can use the abilities and traits from the pawn classes. They also describe the attitude and behavior of the bot.

    I am guessing that I can make new classes using the structure and info from these to script my NPCs. Right or wrong? Am I in the ball park or playing the wrong sport altogether?

    Models and Animations
    As I am making a non playable character, I assume that I do not need to use the Unreal rigs provided on UDN and elsewhere. My characters have some extra features that require custom rigs. I used a 3ds max biped with bone attachments for the added parts.
    Am I correct in thinking that I can use a modified workflow from the standard playable character import procedure? I think I will need to make a new animation tree. Is this correct?

    I studied the NPCs in the Gears editor, but since I cannot access the script for that editor as I did for UT3 I cannot see what they used to get the Locust and friends running around in their delightfully psychotic way. That is more or less what I am going for, but with different behaviors and attitudes.

    Thanks for any help with this.

    I can't help with the Models and Animations, but as for the AI side of things you are on the right track. Nearly all the objects that you might want to extend inherit from Pawn, so you don't really have much choice there anyway

    As for the Controllers as far as I can tell most modders either extend AIController for simple bots with basic behaviours, or from UTBot to make use of the more Deathmatch like abilities, so again spot on so far.

    Once you have your pawn and your controller, it is a simple case of one possessing the other and away it goes. Apparently

    Now to point you in the direction of some guides, umm, well let me just say if you do find some, please let me know!


      Thanks for the reply. This weekend I hope to have time to put a test together.
      I've posted this on the coder forums at Beyond Planet Unreal. If anyone has good info, I'll pass it along. If I get to run the test I'll post the results as well.