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broken single player campaign

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    broken single player campaign

    I am stuck on a map in single player campaign. the bots on my team take the leviathan and just sit there defending the base, all three of them, and i can't take the driver's seat. so i am alone trying to capture the prime node. restart the map several times, same bot please

    There are two things you can do:
    First, you can give orders to bots. Check your settings, but if I am not mistaken it is under V by default.
    Secondly, you can change seats in a vehicle by pressing weapon numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, etc...). If given seat is taken by a bot, it will give it to you (obviously it won't work with human players). So to drive Leviathan, press 1 when you are at on of its turret.

    Nevertheless, apart from last match, this is probably the most difficult map in single player campaign.


      is this on WAR-Onyxcoast?

      yes i know what you are on about

      i tell them to attack

      they as OK

      then they go right back to screwing around


        I think he's talking about Torlan Delta. Well something I've always done is be the levi driver... So they won't use it.

        After that, tell them to attack and follow them -ofc, using the levi... they would sit on it if you don't-

        I remember it was pretty nasty the first time that happened to me: I just had the feeling that I was COMPLETELY alone, I saw anyone on my team, after I respawned on the red base, when I saw all of them right there, camping...



          I got past that, telling bots to attack did not help. said ok, and just seat there. At least by switching seat, I was able to take down the blue core alone. told bots to cover me so they act like meat shield. but then i am stuck on another map (the one with mine node), same problem with the stupid AI; I am seriously out numbered this time. so i just sold the game for $10, good thing I only paid $13 to begin with.

          Gotta say this is the worst AI I have seen in game in a very long time. very disappointing consider this is UT. I don't care how pretty the graphic is, it's trash if they can't fix the AI after all that patch.


            Raise difficulty level, bots will start behaving better.


              If you horn, bots will enter your Levaiathan vehicle.