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What is Input Latency?

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    What is Input Latency?

    Under the "stat engine" output, there is a readout labeled "Input Latency".

    I thought this may have something to do with mouse/keyboard input, but I have discovered that the more bots I have in the game, the higher the latency. The absense of keyboard/mouse input does nothing to lower this latency. Even when there are no bots in the frustum viewport, a higher number of bots in the game translates into a higher Input Latency.

    It seems to DIRECTLY effect Frames/second, and seems to be a CPU load, not a GPU load. In fact, it has become the limiting factor in my map under development. Sixteen bots and the game runs fine (FPS between 30 and 60). Twenty four bots and FPS starts to drop (between 20 and 40). Thirty two bots and FPS drops to between (10 and 30). Input latency inversely and directly correlates with the loss of FPS.

    So can anyone tell me exactly what it is, and is there anything I can do (other than limit the number of bots in the game) to keep it as low as possible?


    Tell us how high your input latency is.
    Mine is 17 ms.

    If you have the feeling yours is too high, turn off v-sync.



      With 16 bots, latency varies from 20 to 400, with an "eyeballed" average about 35. V Sync makes no difference as far as I can determine. It was off before, I turned it on - no change.

      May I assume you don't really know what Input Latency actually is, or did you just forget to put that your post?



        Still don't really know what Input Latency is, but it appears to have something to do with PCI bus congestion/contention.

        I have two old Creamware DSP audio cards in my system. The software for them has a known history of PCI bus problems. Killing the software process for these cards while running UT3 went a long way toward dropping my latency, and consequently raising my FPS.

        Just in case anyone out there is interested.