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Crash after the 2.0 Patch + Titan

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    Crash after the 2.0 Patch + Titan

    Alright, so first my system specs, then I'll get to the story:

    Intel Quad Core Q9450
    BFG 8800 GT graphics card with 512 mb of memory
    4 GB of RAM
    Windows Vista 32-bit operating system
    200 GB hard drive
    Fatal1ty Xtremegamer sound card

    Alright, so I finally got the game to work after updating the nvidia drivers a couple months back, and was pleased. I decided to play a bit of UT3 today since Steam was on the fritz (another problem, another story). When I tried to play multiplayer, it informed me that I needed patch 2.0. "Alright" I say, I'll update. I install the 2.0 patch, then install the Titan pack.
    I log into UT3, and notice that it's in windowed mode. Also, it's in 640x480, which I know **** well that 8800 GT can support WAY more than that. I try to switch to 1024 x something ruther, and it crashes. Puzzled, I simply try making it full screen 640x480 resolution. Crash. I try to play one of the new maps that came in the Titan pack, and it freezes during the load (continuous loading screen).
    I looked through the threads here, and noticed there was an Nvidia patch that might fix it (182.05). Updated that, still doing the same stuff.

    Any advice on what I can do, or do I just needa wait for patch 2.1. A little irritating that it was working JUST fine with the previous patch.

    Go to your "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config" Folder and delete the .ini files (UTGame, UTEngine, etc) and restart the game. (the game will create new ones)


      Awesome, that did the trick! Thanks so much for that!