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    Odd Problem!

    Hey all hope someone can help with this, I am having a problem with UT3 that makes no since to me.
    I have been playing UT3 on the spec listed in my signature and the game has been playing great with out any problem at all, with the 2.0 Patch and Titan pack installed.
    I recently purchased another 2 gigs of ram for my system, they are of the same type brand and timing.
    Here is the problem, with the ram installed UT3 locks up after just playing 2 or 3 minutes.
    I can play F.A.E.R 2, Crysis,COD4,COD5 UT2K4,etc with no lockups.

    Below are some of thing that I have tried to resolve this.

    #1 First thing I did was to check for errors on the RAM running memtest several times, of course the ram test good all the way threw.
    I went as far as to RMA the ram and replace them,but the new ram did the same thing.

    #2 All of my drivers video,sound and MB are all updated.

    #3 I have looked threw just about everything for any IO conficks or errors nothing.
    So I finaly checked the UT3 log and found nothing showing any errors.
    Only thing I did see is the following.
    Init: Memory total: Phys=4194303K Pagef=4194303K Virt=4194176K
    UT3 is only seeing 4 gigs of Physical ram on startup, when there is 6gig's installed, not sure why it is only seeing 4 but maybe this has somting to do with it.

    But anyway like I said the ram is not bad and it only crashes when I have to 2extra gig's installed.


    what is your OS

    could be because UT3 is a x86 app & dies when their is more than 4GB of RAM


      Originally posted by |Grayfox| View Post
      what is your OS

      could be because UT3 is a x86 app & dies when their is more than 4GB of RAM
      Look @ his sig: "Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit SP1"


        just noticed his sig

        but UT3 being x86 could be the reason