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    SLI Physics Question

    So I have just upgraded my computer and, as many of you will be aware, you can now use your old graphics card as a physics card in a pseudo-SLI.

    Problem is, my motherboard (Asus P5N-D) is pretty small, with my 250GS on top and my 8800GT below, they touch each other. The temperature I am hitting is extortionate - up to 100C, when it used to be 65C!!!

    Using V-Tune that came with the 250GS, the fans speed up on their own, but the 8800GT doesn't seem to match the approximate speed of the 250GS, and it heats up very quickly. About 5 minutes in Crysis / UT3 and the framerate drops from extremely good to absymal, and the games are unplayable. My question is this - is there a way to tune the fans on each card individually, and if you have a similar set up, have you experienced any problems like this? And is there any other advice you think I should know?

    Thanks in advance.

    Bump. Anybody?



      Its a little confusing. I would recommend uninstalling N-Tune if you allready have it, before installing rivatuner.

      1. Open rivatuner
      2. There will be a drop down box with all your displays(GPUs)
      3. Underthe box is a customize button. Click it.
      4. The first little icon is a video card. click it
      5. Then you will see two tabs. Click fan.
      6. Set fan to allow for changes, and set them where you want them
      7. click enable at windows startup, and click apply
      8. Close the window and do the same thing for the other card.(pull-down box)
      9. After both cards are done, go back to the main window of rivatuner click apply then close.

      Hope this helps.


        Thanks Sincreator. I have recently tried Rivatuner, and while yes, it did enable me to turn both fans on maximum, the underlying problem I guess is that there is no circulation between the cards. Even with the fans on maximum, I was still hitting unacceptable temperatures like 80C before even starting a game. Not to mention the resulting noise - which gets very annoying very quickly.

        Would a couple of extras fans on the case help do you think? In the few precious moments I had to play UT3, I noticed an increase in framerate so I would like to get it working, but if I can't, then, well, I can't :P


          It all depends on your case. It would probably help some. Your two cards are directly adjacent, right? I think your best bet is to place a fan like this:

          It should be drawing air away from the cards, not blowing on. This combined with sufficient case cooling would probably be your best bet. The 8800GT should never have been a single slot card though, so I don't expect much success without an open slot next to it.

          Oh, and heat will destroy your cards. When a card heats up to a critical point, there is a function to try and save it from permanent damage. It will cut back on power automatically to try and cool down. That is why your frame rate was so abysmal after a minute or two. Be happy you didn't ruin your card permanently, and next time don't keep trying to play under those circumstances.