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Weapons and Vehicles attacks are delayed on showing

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    Weapons and Vehicles attacks are delayed on showing

    For some reason after a while of playing whenever I spawn after dying I am delayed on when I get my weapons, the longer the play, and the more I die it takes longer. On top of this when I use the hoverboard while it's doing this, it causes a delayed action and sends my camera view back to where I was when I last died. During this time I am able to freely spectate(doesn't move my char who is just sitting there on the hoverboard). Next up I am unable to use vehicles without repeated exiting/entering till it shows the weapon systems.

    I believe this is a death related issue and not a spawning one. I remember someone talking about how the "you died" message in "The Ball" would repeat how many times it says it before it would shut up if he was dying too many times.

    I have an Intel Dual Core 2.33mhz processor, 3GB ram, and a 8600 geforce GT video card. Would hope it's not my side having the problem. Although I could see it being another fail on vista's part.

    I've heard of other people being able to get by with just switching weapons, seems that doesn't help me either.

    Would reinstalling help? Is there a setting that I can change that might be causing this? Sorry in advance if there is another thread on this as I couldn't find one.

    for starters its not vista

    the weapon thing could be caused by P/L or lag

    what connection are u on


      DSL, ping is usually less than 100(never really watch to give a better value, think it's usually around 30-50 depending on server).

      I have very little lag issues, but this problem does only happen online.


        i have the same thing happen to me from time to time, most noticably on Suspense.

        i spawn, head for the RL, and it's not there - have to wait for a bit.

        same thing with the Avril in the tower ramps, i have to run over the spot a few times before it actually shows up.

        when this happens and i F6, my ping is usually in the 90+ or 100+ range.

        doesn't appear to happen with servers i have a good ping to, though there aren't a whole lot of them...


          I'm reinstalling now, will tell if it helps.


            reinstalling did not fix anything