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Fix - Can't Connect To Public/Online Matches

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    Fix - Can't Connect To Public/Online Matches

    I was ready to tear my hair out...
    having this game, and not being able to connect to any public/online matches.
    Every time I'd try to connect, it would eventually fail after about 30seconds - 1 minute worth of trying.
    ("Connection Failed")

    I should say that I do have an ASUS motherboard, but I have updated all the drivers and firmware to the newest revisions, so the troubleshooting sticky did not help me out.

    I found a resolution, and it's also worked for a good friend of mine who was running into the same problem... so I just wanted to share that in hopes of helping others who might be faced with the same problem.

    I'm on Win XP, and am behind a Linksys router. I was thinking that the router might have had something to do with the problem, so I put the computer that would be running UT3 in a DMZ... to no avail. The only thing I've tried so far that would fix this problem was a change in my gateway's IP Address. Linksys routers come set up with an IP Address of by default, and after changing it to I have been able to successfully connect to every online server I've tried so far.

    Hope this helps ( Drop me a line or a response if it does )