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Editor crashes fails to launch every time. Need Help

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    Editor crashes fails to launch every time. Need Help

    I assembled a brand new computer for the sole purpose of using UnrealEd. I got to get this fixed. I'm on Vista 64-bit premium. Here is a link to my system specs:
    CPU-Z HTML Dump

    What happens is that every single time I launch UnrealEd that snowy environment image that says "Unreal Editor" displays as the program loads. After about 45 seconds of loading, Windows displays a message that says:

    "UT3.exe has stopped working
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
    Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

    The box has a Close Program button. I click it and the program shuts down. This occurs even when I run in XP2 compatibility mode (provided I'm using it right, hehe)

    The game works perfectly. There is the possibility that the editor loaded the first time I tried, but I can't remember launching it specifically for the first time. Either way it hasn't worked every attempt after.

    Any ideas? Possibly work arounds?

    Sorry. Had to bump this. Anybody? I'm desperate


      I think I posted in this thread on the Steam forums as well - I have the same problem! I also have Vista 64 Home Premium, and I get the exact same error. When I launch the program (from Steam OR a custom shortcut) I see the rectangular Unreal Editor splash graphic for about 10-15 seconds, then I get the 'UT3.exe has stopped working' error message.

      I have no idea what's wrong. UT3 itself runs without a problem, but the editor just won't load.

      I even tried turning off Vistas DEP (Data Execution Prevention) to see if that worked - it didn't. I also copied a version of the Unreal Tournament 3 Steam folder to Program Files (instead of Program Files(x86) - no dice.


        Me and ithilis have been talking on the Steam forum. For anybody out there interested here is how I solved my problem:

        Well I also decide a good start would first be uninstalling and reinstalling. I would have tried it sooner but I have such a slow internet connection, it took me 2 days. I just right clicked in Steam "Unreal Tournament 3" and selected "Delete local content". After that I redownloaded I first launched and closed the game, then launched the editor. It works fine now. I'll be sure to always exit this program properly from now on.

        I'd really love to know what the real source of this problem is if anyone figures it out.


          I'm having the same problem, except that I'm using XP & the retail version so the steam method mentioned above won't help me. Annoyingly it was working a few days ago and now it just won't get past the splash screen.

          This is getting pretty desperate as I need this working for one of my assessments at university. I just hoped it hasn't corrupted the level I was designing last.


            Delete the UTEditor.ini, UTEngine.ini and UTGame.ini files in "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config".

            Relaunch the Editor and it will create new ones, most times its bad\corrupt configuration files that cause UT3 and the Editor to crash.


              Cheers but no change. The game itself works fine it's just the editor that is not loading, and I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling it all but to no avail.


                i solved the problem be deleting the unpublished folder.. located at..
                My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame

                make a backup and try it, the editor will make a new unpublished folder when you start upp the editor again.


                  that did the trick, cheers jaldini.


                    nps =) glad to healp..