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[Unreal editor] Error when opening previously saved cooked map

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    [Unreal editor] Error when opening previously saved cooked map

    Hi all,
    some time ago, i started working on a map (a CPM3a remake for UT3). Because of several reasons i stopped working on the map, now i feel like working on my map again. The only problem is that because of the long interval i have formatted my PC several times, and the only files i have left of the map are the cooked files.

    When i load the cooked map in Unreal editor, everything works fine. But when saving that file and opening it again i get a don't send error report. I've tried it on 4 computers with UT3 versions varying from 1.0 to 1.3 to 2.0. Of course, i have also deleted the CookedPC folder etc.

    This is mainly the error: [File:.\Src\UnBulkData.cpp] [Line: 610] I'll post my complete log file tomorrow since I'm not at home right now.

    If anyone CAN open, save and reopen the file. Please tell me how you did it and/or give me the working file
    EDIT: might there be some way to "de-cook" a map, sort of decompile it.
    Cooked map file:

    Cya and thanks,

    Never mind, copied the contents of the map and pasted them in a new one. Now only need to remake some custom materials. Thanks for reading Thanks Z3n for helping me out


      nice too read that the problem is fix with you map


        I am having this issue but really do not want to resort to this method. :/