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Can't find server

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    I can see the ladderboards now (I changed nothing).
    But I still cannot find servers.

    At start of March, I was also deconnected twice from a server while I'm playing. The message was like : Somebody was connected with your login.
    (I didn't give my login/password nor my license ID to anybody).
    Do you think it can be a license pb ?

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  • started a topic Can't find server

    Can't find server


    I've got a pb on multi : I can login successfully, but I can't see any server for 3 weeks. And I can't see the ladderboard too.

    I have no error message: when i search a game, it just finds nothing after 30-40 seconds. On the history tab and fav server tab, all servers have a ping to 9999.

    I try to uninstall the game, delete ut3 folder in "prg files" and "my games", reinstall the game, apply the 2.0 patch : it is the same. I've got the french version.

    Can anybody help me ?