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cant barely find servers...

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    cant barely find servers...

    lets say i want to find death match servers with no bots and they are not full or empty i get like 10

    what going on - with same filter of any mod i get 40-50 servers...

    please help me

    I have windows xp 32bit sp3 nod32 anti virus - no firewall
    I have the recent steam version 2.0
    I have netgear router WNR834Bv2 and i open ports:
    6500, 7777, 7778, 7787, 13000, 27900

    I dont know what to do - plz help....

    There is no need to open those UDP ports. They are only needed when you are hosting a dedicated server (or listen server).


      I had issues with the ingame server browser, quite often I join some server listed with some people on it to find it empty, instead I use qtracker now and have much better results (and more servers listed)