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    Connection fails

    Hi guys i have this problem my problem is when i want to connect to a server.. i find all servers and when i try to join the red pic appeard (loading) and then failed to connect -.- any idea what cause this

    why? there is no firewall .. hmm .. can anybody help me pls??

    i have verzion 2,0 and titan pack thx for answer

    Is that no firewall software and hardware?
    Some or most routers have firewalls built in.( I'll stand corrected if wrong )
    I have had to allow ports in the router for an occasional game.


      How i can do this?


        I have a very similar problem though i narrowed it down to what 'my' problem is...

        I can only connect to dedicated servers.

        When I for example try to join a Campaign (which are all non-dedicated servers) I get the 'Connection Failed' after about 60-100 sec of waiting.

        I can connect to any of the other servers just fine

        Please help us!

        (I am using Steam if that helps)