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Disappearing weapons

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    Disappearing weapons

    I've been having an annoying problem from day one since I bought the game from steam a few days ago.

    At random and often very inconvenient times my weapon disappears, one minute I'm holding, the next it's gone. If it's a gun where you can partly see your hand, I'll see my hand wobbling, empty.

    It's not consistent in the behavior either. Sometimes I can still shoot as usual, sometimes I can still shoot as usual but without bullet particles, lasers or other things and sometimes the game just acts as if there were no gun, pretty annoying in the middle of a heated gunfight in DM.

    Sometimes it goes away after I switch weapons and back again, sometimes it only returns after I die, and sometimes it'll just take a while for it to reappear.

    I also sometimes get the old and the new gun both at the same time on screen when I switch weapons, in this case, the switched-to weapon may or may not work.

    This happens both in online and offline mode.

    Does anyone have any sort of clue as to why this weird phenomenon is occurring?