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Friends list empty AGAIN?

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    Friends list empty AGAIN?

    A few months ago my friendlist in the game was suddenly emtpy... i still have no clear reason why (i had over 300 friends in it).

    I couldnt use the list for a few months, got an error when i tried to open the page.

    After a while it seemed to work again.. so i started to build it again. I had like 50 friends on it this time... and today... again.. without reason... my list was reset! Nobody in it anymore!

    How can this happen??? Am i the only one with such problems? Where to go with this problem? Gamespy?

    Thanks in advance.


    That first time it happend i guessed some hackers messed it up (will name them if needed) but this time i dont think it can be the case since i not use the password they "knew" anymore.

    Another thing i noticed lately that some asian and russian players show up as "BLANK PLAYERS" on my list after i added them.

    Is this all a 'known bug'?


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        It's just GameSpy being ****ty, the friend list has been bugged since the demo. I don't see any attempts by GS or Epic to fix it.