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Sound lag in multiplayer

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    Sound lag in multiplayer

    When I play in a single player mode, or I create a localhost, the game runs perfect.

    When I join to an internet server and I repeat shoots, keeping mouse1 pressed, the shoot's sound is lagging every shoot a little. I can hear when the shoot touch a wall correctly but my weapon's sound is desfased. When I just make a single shoot the sound seems to be good this just happens when i keep pressed the mouse fire. With sniper or shock rifle are the weapons which I most appreciated this.

    Sorry for my poor english

    Here is a audio file with the sounds, gun sound and wall touching sound.

    In this audio file you will can distinguish how the weapons sounds is lagging the wall sound is the correct bullet.

    PC specs... PC specs...

    If your using a Realtek onboard sound card check their website and update your drivers, the most recent ones work much better with UT3 and other more recent games.


      Before Titan' update the game ran fine.

      Now i'm under Windows 7, before under windws xp pro sp3.

      Gforece 8800.

      Gigabyte P35-DS3R

      CORE 2 DUO.

      I'm tried with a SB live 5.1! on XP and a integrated Audio ALC889A in Windows 7.

      With twice happen the same.

      I have steam UT3.

      Now i'm gonna test with a retail UT.