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Uninstalling models and model packs

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    Uninstalling models and model packs

    Hey all,
    i have downloaded and installed quite few models and model packs. Eventho most of them are awesome, i ended up not really choosing any of them. So i wonder how can i uninstall them as they are a bit problem from perspective of creating server (non-dedicated) for few friends.

    I tried to uninstall (=delete) all files which were added (=copied) by those certain packs. However sections in menu in game (Settings -> Player -> Customize character) stay and are bugged. When i try to run the game it crashes.
    I assume i have to delete something else.

    I'm curious also... I have steam distribution so i wonder what will happen if i just delete whole folder in Documents. Will steam re-patch all necessary files?

    So i fixed it by simple deleting UT3 folder in My Games in Documents. It resets almost all settings but serves well to purpose.
    No additional download from steam was required.