Hello Everyone....rather new in here ( with some really bad grammar X_X )

ermm im trying to do sort of a cut scene animation using matinee bit every time i save the file the Camera goes Bizzaro on me X_X

i tried re key framing everything to its original state & i eventually had to redo it 2 times in a row now...no luck

all the positions i save keep getting moved after i save as if something ups or downs all the values on random and i just cant seem to stabilize it

any idea people ?

Thanks in advance

Edit :
Arrrrghhh this took forever to solve i found out the reason why it was doing that...it was because of the initial key frame
i was trying to get a specific camera angle and it just wouldn't let me so i created duplicates & apparently it DID NOT like that @ all lol

anyways its going well now....
but for some reason the animations are playing from one point immobile
it isn't moving forward like in the engine preview....& if i ever try to Fraps it from the game i have the matinee window flicker in front of the recorded video so here we go...
another troubleshooting adventure