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The AM3 710/720

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    The AM3 710/720

    Just completed my system. I decided to go for the x3 710, and I'm running it at 3.2ghz right now, rock stable. The performance increase over my previous am2 6400+@3.45ghz, was quite impressive. My minumum fps in game used to be 40-45fps in heavy firefights, now it goes to 65-70 fps minumum with 32 bots on the match. This was definitly worth the upgrade, so anyone with a am2 mobo that can support this CPU or the 920/940 should definitly look into this upgrade. I'll post more soon.

    Not that it matters but here is a screenshot of my old cpu 3dmark 06 score am2 6400+BE@3.45ghz:

    And the AM3 710@3.2ghz:

    Quite a difference. lol.

    I'm thinking you should join