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forceably removed from server for banned CD Key

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    forceably removed from server for banned CD Key

    Hi, I was playing on one of the epic midway GREED servers last night and got forceably removed for having a banned CD key.

    I bought a genuine game so what's all that about?

    at another point a while back, I got logged out of my account during online gaming because it said something about my account being logged into somewhere else. I just kept logging back in a few times and it was ok after that but I think that someone else is using my key perhaps or maybe they've got hold of my account details somehow.

    any ideas how I can get this issue ironed out?

    its not the password

    at times i got

    you were logged out for being logged in somewhere else

    it just a stupid idea to have to log into gamespy

    you can no longer do setname or invasion based servers like in UT2k4

    plus most names are taken