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Stereo3D fix request : Player names projection

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    Stereo3D fix request : Player names projection

    I play Unreal Tournament 3 using Stereo3D drivers to play with a 3D monitors.

    The game looks really great, with a few bugs here and there which 3D drivers developpers are working on but there is an issue that breaks the immersion and which 3D driver developpers can't fix : you guys at Epic are the only ones who can fix it.

    The issue i have is this : player names which should be hovering over player models are actually projected on the HUD at the standard HUD depth (which is interpreted by 3D drivers as the screen depth)
    This makes the player name depth totally inconsistent with the character it relates to. The character is far away while the name is stuck on the screen just a few inches from your face

    Here is a stereo3D screenshot showing the issue with the player names.

    Screenshot taken with iZ3D driver v1.10b3, left shift aiming mode

    How to read the 3D screenshot :
    This is a standard stereo jpeg image (JPS). It contains the two images sent to the two eyes, in crosseyed pattern.
    The left image goes to the right eye and the right image goes to the left eye.

    The right eye image (shown on the left) is the exact match to the standard UT3 view without 3D drivers. The left eye image (shown on the right) is a shifted camera to provide the two different perspectives required for Stereo3D vision.

    As you can see on the shot : the player name position is exactly the same in both shots but due to the perspective change, the character's position changed and doesn't match the position of the character name anymore.

    For the people who would like to see the shot in 3d but who do not have a 3D display i also assembled the view together in an anaglyph image, to watch with anaglyph red/cyan glasses if you have some, otherwise you can still try to cross eyes very strong (but that's hard)

    What can you do to fix this ?
    For each character name, you need to keep the depth (distance from the player's camera to the character's name) and assign this distance to the character's name on the HUD.

    I hope you will be able to fix this, UT3 is already great in 3D, i hope you'll be able to make it even better.
    Thank you !