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Importing Textures/Meshes to Unreal Editor?

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    Importing Textures/Meshes to Unreal Editor?

    This is going to sound extremely dumb to those experienced with UE. Bare with me here; I'm young...So don't expect me to get this stuff right away.

    I'm a "noob" to the modding community here, so I've been experimenting with UE the past few days (but not entirely 'fooling' around with it cause I honestly have no idea what the hell I'm doing).

    I've heard that you can import Meshes/Textures from games that you own on the PC. And for my first "project" with UE, I was going to create a character model.

    Say if I wanted to import character textures from Team Fortress 2. How would I use these textures for a character model?

    Or could I at all?

    One more thing: I've looked for this with Google search, and I've searched it on this site, and no... I DO NOT have the limited edition of UT3. If I did I probably wouldn't be asking this question right about now.



    I'm not familiar with character models. But I do import custom meshes often. just added a new "free video tutorials" section to their website. One of the free tutorials explains how to import meshes from 3ds max to UE3. Here is a link:

    Hopefully this helps.


      Yes, that definitely helped with my progress. Thanks a lot!!!

      Oh wait, one more thing.

      Where can I get 3D Studio Max 9? I don't want to spend any money, yet I don't want to be pirating this thing.


        No problem.

        First of, 3ds max 9 isn't the current one. The only way you can get it for free without pirating is to download the trial of 3ds max 2009.

        You should be able to get a 30-day trial.

        I'm going to warn you though... 3ds max is not a "watered down" program. It is very complicated. If you want to put time into learning it there are tons of free tutorials that are only a google search away.


          Oh ok.

          Well, I wasn't exactly expecting anything in this process to be easy anyway.

          I know I'm asking a lot of questions, but...

          I downloaded Blender. I've already learned the basics of it from a simple tutorial (and messed up enough times that I've almost given up).

          Don't know if you're familiar with this program, but do you think if I made a character with Blender it would still be able to be imported into the Unreal Editor?

          I'm thinking that 3ds is more complicated and it's probably an overall better program, but I've seen some pretty cool stuff created with Blender too.


            I don't know anything about blender... and I don't know much about custom characters. I'm an Environment Artist. But here is what I would do.

            Take a look at these tutorials:


            Most of these videos... as you might have noticed... are in parts. You can find the other parts in the "related videos" section.

            By the way, after looking for tutorials on how to create custom characters... all the tutorials I could find used 3ds max and not blender. It may seem more difficult to use 3ds max at first... but if you plan on doing this long than a month or two... I would use 3ds max.


              Thanks for the tutorials!!!

              I'll definitely check them out, and I'll see about a free trial with 3ds, though I'll probably eventually buy it. Anyway, thanks for all your help with this stuff, as this will surely get me started with making my limping, unproportional, monstrosity of a first character!!!

              I know I probably should have found the tutorials myself, but that definitely saved me some time, so thanks!