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NAT issues with listen/dedicated server

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    NAT issues with listen/dedicated server

    For the life of me, I cannot seem to find out how to get my server to not have NAT issues!

    I've forwarded a ton of ports (13000, 7777, 6500, 7778, 7787, 27900) and even tried DMZ once or twice, still nothing. When I hosted a listen server, my friend could join if he typed in my IP address, but he couldn't see me on the master server list. And when trying a dedicated server, I have problems such as

    Log: FSTUNClient resolved (
    Log: FSTUNClient starting test 1...
    Log: FSTUNClient starting test 2...
    Log: FSTUNClient test timeout, NAT is strict
    I just want to get these working so I can have a server with some custom maps going, thanks.

    Map voting disabled? On the map list I put all of them on the "available" side.


    Do what that thing says. Host a server, and set your UTEngine STUN server to or and it should work.