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Unreal Engine 3 Games choppy on lowest settings

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    Ha lol ripoff do you hear yourself every 5 seconds a hitch tsss ... IT SHOULDN4T DO THAT!!! don't you get it. This game is ment to be played fast and every hitch is to much.

    Originally posted by milt View Post
    well i have a pentium d 3.30 ghz pc and a 9800gt 3 ghz of ram and the games works fine offline.i get no hitches whatsoever but as soon as i go online i get a small hitch every 5 seconds.with 1.3 it worked fine i can play with 32 players offline even in 2.0 and get fps drops but no ill just be walk and hitch hitch hitch.


      Okay so OBVIOUSLY hardware isn't my problem; "It ran fine before I switched to vista and 1 video card"; did you even read my first post?

      Anyway - I upgraded my hardware, and UE3 games run even slower now.

      So odd.