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Editor Questions (volumes, sounds, collision)

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    Editor Questions (volumes, sounds, collision)

    Ok, I have a few questions but I'll try to be brief.

    1. I have a dynamic trigger volume that I want only the player to be able to trigger, but bots keep setting it off. How can i change this? I tried comparing objects, but it failed to recognize both bots and the player.

    2. When that volume is trigger I wanted one of Unreal's alarm sounds to play, but as they are not cue's I don't know how to trigger them. Ideas?

    3. Recently the player's own collision seems to get in the way of his shots. Bullets/ rockets/ etc sporadically blow up in my face when there are no objects or volumes in front of me. I don't recall altering anything that would cause this, but is anyone familiar with this issue?

    4. And less vitally, is there a console command or option to play the level from the editor in fullscreen? I thought I read "togglefullscreen" was a command but I had no luck.

    Thanks for anyone who can address even one of these. My next milestone is this Monday so I really hope to resolve these issues before then.