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Framerate problems after installing the titan pack and patch 4

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    Framerate problems after installing the titan pack and patch 4

    I'm encountering odd FPS decrease after a random period of time (It did once right when I went to play and twice after I had played for 2-3 hours and I've only played the new version 4 times)

    It goes from 30-90 to 25-35 and then it's practically unplayable.

    Before you ask, I was using an overclock, but I also tried to play it without and the same problem still occurs. At first I thought it was only in the new maps, but it's in every other map too.

    400W Chieftec PSU
    Nvidia Geforce XFX 8800GTS G92 512mb XXX edition (Using the 182.05 drivers)
    Phenom 9100e Quad Core 1.8ghz
    4GB 667mhz DDR-2
    640GB HDD
    Windows Vista Home Premium

    Playing at 1920x1080 if that matters any.

    I probably should mention also that I encountered kind of a similar problem back when I used v1.3 - If I turned World Detail to 5, the fps decreased to 32-20 but if I had it at 4, the frames were like they were supposed to be.

    So anyone know what could cause this?

    Edit: Problem possibly solved, see below.

    Think I just ran into a similiar problem. Normally get 90fps constantly with rising sun (I always use that as a benchmark.
    After a map change whilst playing online I noticed I was starting to get really bad frames.
    Tried playing DM-Rising Sun to see if I still get same problem. I now get a whopping 20-30fps on most parts of the stage.

    Deleting my ini files doesn't work.
    even setting graphics as low as it can go gives same prob.
    Also using the 182.05 drivers


      Same problem, I usually get 100+ and I'm dipping into the 20s on deck now.




          I think I solved my problem.

          First I played online, ctf, and no problems whatsoever. Then, after about 30 minutes, I try warfare and boom, fps dies.

          Then I tried out offline MP downtown with 31 godlike bots, same problem. Now at that point I thought I'll restart the game and try offline downtown again. Absolutely no problems, then I go online downtown and fps dies. I was obviously getting rather ****** off but then out of nowhere, I decided to hide the ping counter (f6) and what do you know, my fps was back to normal.

          Decided to try this on other maps too and every time I put the ping counter on, it killed my fps but if I turned it off, it came back to normal.

          So I guess my problem is solved.