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Titan & patch - ATI cards... Game lock up

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    I've have installed AVG Anti Virus, if that matters. How about anyone else who is experiencing freezes?

    There are few hints that AVG might be causing troubles, but I'm not sure. Tomorrow I'll turn AVG off while playing and see what happens.


      Just tried this as well. Running an MSI 4870 1Gig Ati. with a Phenom 940 black edition. I get a black screen after the initial splash screen.
      The game works fine on my PS3 with the 2.0 patch but it's totally disabled my computer version.


        I tried to get UT to freeze playing single player game, but could not do it. I chose small map(Morbias?) and 13 godlike bots with rocket launchers, so I would die often.

        I played 4 5 minute games and everything worked ok. I'll try today with longer matches.


          I unchecked "Dynamic net speed"-setting and UT has not crashed/freezed yet. I've played a few hours since and normally UT would have freezed by now(i guess).

          EDIT: No such luck. UT started freezing again later this evening.


            Freezing upon dying is because of an AVG?

            I removed AVG from my system and replaced it with PC Tools Antivirus a couple of days ago. UT hasn't freezed yet.

            If it does, I'll edit this post.


              I disabled AVG Free antivirus under my Windows 7 64 bit beta install and UT3 runs much smoother. Disabled AVG in Windows XP Pro SP3 and the crashing continues. So, I play UT3 under Win 7. I had to make a choice, playing or futzing around in XP. Not a hard decision to make...

              I installed the ATI 9.3 drivers into Win 7 yesterday. It seems to be working, for now. Played one CTF match on Searchlight, and had some hitching, once, for several seconds but it cleared. If you are running an ATI card, wait for the next driver before updating. I read some reviews that showed no real improvements in Windows XP, for anything, over the 9.2 driver.

              Sorry, just read your previous post. You still running Catalyst 9.3 Lurius?


                Disabling AVG did nothing positive for me, it had to be removed completely.

                Edit: Yes, I'm using 9.3 now. When UT kept freezing, I tried 8.11/8.12, but it didn't help.


                  Originally posted by Lurius View Post
                  Disabling AVG
                  I crash with 9.3, a ATI 4870x2, 4GB ram, e8400, Auzentech Prelude, running Windows XP Home. I do not overclock the video card.

                  I run absolutely no 3rd party processes outside the Windows core services. No AVG, Catalyst bs, X-fi bs, etc. That fat is trimmed off my gaming only computer.

                  I run max graphics options for 1920x1200, no AA/AF.

                  My crashes are usually 'soft lockups' that occur 95% of the time when spawning after being killed. Occasionally, they can be hard freezes. Some maps are more prone to this then others (Deck, Defiance, for sure.) Some maps are more resistant (Koos Barge, Biohazard.) These lockups come when I play deathmatch with 6 bots.

                  I have attempted the following w/ no change to frequency of crashes:

                  - Declocking my processor and RAM to stock speeds
                  - Raising CPU and ram Voltage
                  - Toggling OpenAL
                  - Changing ATI optimization line in UTEngine.ini
                  - Toggling Dynamic Net Speed

                  I have not tried to fully disable sound or lower graphics settings, which is something I'll try this weekend.


                    Originally posted by Lodrin View Post
                    Auzentech Prelude...
                    No X-fi bs
                    The Auzentech Prelude IS an X-Fi card, just made by a company other than Creative. If you are implying you aren't running any of the software (besides windows) you aren't running drivers, which is bs because there is no way to use your comp properly otherwise.

                    I was having the same issues as you guys. I tried .ini fix with no luck. It only seemed to happen on certain maps. I would get a hard lock up, some colors would flash on my monitor (sometimes some sound would loop) then my comp would restart.

                    Disabling Catalyst AI in the drivers seemed to work. I managed to play two full games on a map I can never play all the way through. It did lock up once for about 15sec but it returned to normal after that, no comp restarting or need to close UT3.

                    I will update you if I get a crash.

                    Using a 4870x2 on cat 9.3.


                      Guys, try uninstalling the ATI drivers, then do a driver sweep of all ati related files. Reboot and install the drivers that came with your card.(The install disk itself) Then reboot again, and update to the latest driver.

                      Ive had to do this a few times, just to get crossfire working properly on the latest drivers.(9.1/9.2/9.3) So it may fix your crashing as well.

                      For the record. The crashes that I was having was one of my cards kicking back out to windows, and then the gpu recover would try to reactivate that card and go back into the game, BUT instead it would lockup, and windows would say UT3.exe has encountered an error and needs to be closed.

                      So I did what I mentioned at first, and crossfire worked right, and the crashes stopped. Also, an unstable overclock of your cpu can cause lots of crashes. So if your running a real high OC on your CPU, try putting it back to default, just to see if the crashing continues.

                      Hope all this helps.


                        I have the ATI HD 3650 in my HP Elite machine i have no problems, i'm using Vesta 64 bit home Premium. Mybe its just the 4800 series ati cards,not sure.


                          Originally posted by faster3200 View Post
                          The Auzentech Prelude IS an X-Fi card, just made by a company other than Creative. If you are implying you aren't running any of the software (besides windows) you aren't running drivers, which is bs because there is no way to use your comp properly otherwise.
                          I did not say I'm not running drivers, I just don't run non-critical processes.

                          I tried disabling Catalyst AI, and/or actively running CCC.exe and MOM.exe, I still crash.


                            Originally posted by Sincreator View Post
                            Hope all this helps.
                            Sincreator, thanks for those tips.

                            I haven't visited this thread in a while because I don't play that frequently, but I'm keeping up on new posts. I have found over the last several weeks that I have (knock on wood) zero problems when I do NOT enable Crossfire. Last night and the Friday before I don't recall any crashes. Of course this isn't definitive, but it's something. I'll walk back through this thread and continue trying and tweaking until I can get it running error free / lockup free with crossfire enabled.

                            Keep posting your progress / setbacks in this thread. It's helpful for others to see what has been tried and what may / may not work.


                              Do what I was saying earlier, and after you get everything done, set your catalyst AI to standard, Enable Triple buffering, put mipmap to high(quality), and remove any overclocks on your two cards. Crossfire should work properly now, if you followed the steps I set out for you earlier. Works for me. Wierd though. I guess updating from one driver to the next must cause issues sometimes.

                              Alot of people buy new hardware, and go right to the website for the latest drivers, when they should install the DVD driver first. This driver usually comes from the ACTUAL manufacturer that made your card, and sometimes there could be things that you need that dont get installed with the latest driver. I know, It's stupid.

                              Another thing I should mention is that I use Rivatuner to turn my fan speed up. I usually run at 70% and idle at 38 degrees, 55 degrees max under full load for an hour. Both my cards are dual-slot design, so the hot air gets exausted out the rear of my case. Before Rivatuner, I idled at 75 degrees, and went over 90 under load. I didn't like that much, since it caused all my other temps to go up. Motherboard, CPU.

                              PS: I should also ask if both your cards are exact matches. Mine are exactly the same, Both are Sapphire DDR-4 512mb 3870's with dual slot coolers. They are default 777mhz core, and 1126mhz ram speed. Sometimes cards from different manufacturers may create issues for crossfire.


                                Installed 9.4 after uninstalling 9.3 w/ Driver sweep, still crashing randomly on spawn. Also tried forcing fan to run @ 60%, still crashed within 2 minutes on Deck on spawn.