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Version 2.0 PROBLEMS

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    Version 2.0 PROBLEMS


    First of all I want to say that the Titan Pack is great and I greatly appreciate all the effort EPIC has put into this.

    But with the recent patch 2.0 I have some problems:

    1. Some the offline profile settings are not being saved. Every time I
    enter the offline profile for some instant action fun I have to set manually the brightness level and redefine my custom character. ( I remember this as a problem before the first UT3 patch, I don't know why it has reapeared now.)
    Reinstalled the game from scratch on two systems ( one XP x64 the other Vista x64). The problem persists.

    2. There is a weird hitching from time to time. (hitching episodes last a second and are spaced apart by a minute or less).

    This only happens on patch 2.0, regardless of the complexity of the drawn scene, and at regular time intervals. ( like there was some internal process of UT3 runing periodically with a higher priority than the rendering ?) .

    The framerate remains high constant 62fps with less than 2 fps variations.
    This behaviour is observerd only with patch 2.0 on both machines tested.

    (reverting back to patch 1.3 solves the hitching but no more titant pack )

    Machine specs:

    One : Core 2 Duo E 8600 (@stock, 3.33GHz)

    MSI Radeon 4870x2 (same hitching behaviour with catalyst 9.2 ,
    9.1 or 8.12)

    4GB A-DATA Vitesta

    Gigabyte EP-45 DS3-R

    OS :Windows XP x64

    Two: Core 2 Quad Q6600

    BFG 8800GT 512MB

    4GB A-DATA Vitesta

    Gigabyte P-35 DS3-R.

    OS: Vista x64 Ultimate.

    Thank you! And I hope you guys get this fixed real soon.

    Yep, same here. After installing the patch 2.0 + Titan, the game won't save the settings (audio/keys/character) in offline mode. Except the video settings, all adjustments are lost after restarting. This is so annoying and frustrating !!!
    I hope anyone knows a solution or find a way to solve it
    Otherwise, the game runs fine for me with the new patch/titan pack + all of my custom characters and mutators.

    Vista32 with latest updates + drivers (video card/sound/keyboard/mouse etc.), nothing oc
    Core2Quad Q9550
    Geforce GTX 260
    Gigabyte EP35-DS4
    OCZ ReaperX2 4GB Ram
    Soundblaster Audigy Gamer
    Logitech MX518
    Samsung HDD SATA 750GB


      I have the same problem with offline mode. Only display settings are persistent.

      Plus. We could really use a feature to name an offline profile.


        Yes, Duus is right. We should also be able to assign a player name in the offline profile. It's not possible right now as far as I know.


          I see similar problems scattered about different topics. I think it would be more efficient if we could centralize all the Patch4/Titan Pack problems and provide feedback to EPIC.
          Maybe an updated Tracked Issues post? WarTourist, can you please update it when you have the time ?


            Tonight I did a clean reinstall, applying patch 4 over a fresh DVD version 1.0 install.
            The problem with the periodical hitching persists. Especially on the Ati 4870X2.
            Please can someone confirm this? I have tried almost everything from a clean OS install to a clean UT install.
            Bottom line:

            UT3 1.3 doesn't have mini freezes.
            UT3 2.0 has constant high FPS but experiences freezing on a regular basis. (An ordinary frame lasts about 16ms, when stuttering it briefly reports a frame lasting 20ms).
            All drivers are up to date. (Latest version of creative drivers for my X-Fi, Catalyst 9.2 or every other version, and latest DirectX update, NO programs runnig in the background).

            I don't know what else to do before EPIC acknowledges there is a problem and decides to do something about it.

            UT 3 is a GREAT game but without some proper tuning the Titan pack is useless. I'm back to version 1.3.

            And Yes this happens mostly in offline mode. Because I really like playing with bots when I have just half an hour of spare time.

            If you are having similar issues please post here.

            Thank you!


              Same problems on my end. It's ridiculous that they even exist (given they weren't around in version 1.3) -_-.

              The only way to 'name' your profile offline is to use the 'setname' command, but that only works in game, and resets when you quit... much like all character and most game settings...


                im getting the mini freezes as well but only online cannot understand why.reinstalled drivers but same thing happens and just keeps going almost every few seconds orso.offline runs fine but online just keeps not sure if its lag but was fine on 1.3 only with 2.0 keeps happening


                  So, no word of any progress fixing the hitching and the "not saving settings" issues as of yet?
                  I am wondering if EPIC even acknowledges that there are problems.


                    I hav'nt installed the patch yet. I'm still running on 1.3 with no probs. I'm sure epic will sort this.

                    Lets face it, this is a HUGE patch...309mb...massive, bound to be a prob or two with it, that's why I decided to wait and see.

                    Epics support is fantastic, up there with Egosoft so just be patient, I'm sure they'll fix it


                      I wonder if this is the same kind of thing that's causing my Play-in-editor to drop out every minute or so..

                      What happens is a little 'loading' box appears for half a second, and then the play window loses window focus (and goes behind the editor) so I have to alt-tab to go back. This is extremely annoying!

                      It also happens instantly when I press certain buttons, like hoverboard otherwise it seems to last about 20-40 seconds before doing it automatically.


                        Well...reviewing the version 2.0 release notes we see:
                        - Collision Octree optimizations
                        - Particle system optimizations
                        - Safe handling of inversing nil matrices. Addresses rare ragdoll physics crashes.

                        - Removed unnecessary profile saves, improved saving progress when player expects it.

                        - Improved Garbage collection performance.

                        - Optimized decals.

                        It's a mere hypothesis but:

                        Can it be that the new garbage collector process has a higher priority than world rendering?

                        Could this be the cause of the hitching/stuttering? I say this because the hitching appears regardless of the complexity of the scene being rendered and at constant high framerate.

                        Regarding the settings now NOT being saved in offline mode, I think EPIC removed by mistake even the profile saves that were necessary.
                        Imagine that... :P


                          Hey everyone. I can no longer play the game since applying patch 2.0.
                          The splash screen comes up with a nice new picture but then nothing happens, the game never actually loads.
                          I thought maybe this was because I had various models/community packs installed so I unistalled and tried a fresh install only to get a message telling me that numerous ini files were out of date and after clicking yes to update them I am left with the same problem.
                          Am I missing something?
                          Anyone else have this or know whats happening?

                          running Vista 32bit
                          Geforce 8800GTX
                          4 gig RAM


                            Originally posted by florinbsv View Post
                            Regarding the settings now NOT being saved in offline mode, I think EPIC removed by mistake even the profile saves that were necessary.
                            Imagine that... :P
                            Same to me

                            Bad change ever!


                              My issue is I want to turn off the names over the players head in UT3 DM. Now I run a dedicated server and can not find it in the server configs nor can I find how to do it on my game box configs. I do not think it is on the server side it has to be turned off I am thinking its on the player end.

                              With the new patches it has in the new updates info UI... Show beacon with name of enemies in DM if they are close enough. This is what I think would turn it off but cant find any settings in the configs I also could be very wrong

                              Can anyone help me and tell me how I can turn off the name over the playes head?