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    Duplicate GUID


    How its possible for 2 players to have the same GUID ?

    How its possible for 2 players to play online with the same cdkey at the same time ?

    [L|nUTx]: My guid is the same as a member of my own clan
    [L|nUTx]: so I cant enter it
    [@[CB]sro]: then you're using the same cd key?
    [L|nUTx]: no
    [@[CB]sro]: that shouldn't be possible
    [L|nUTx]: -_-
    [@TalkeR]: it's not possible =|
    [L|nUTx]: Its not possible for this member to have the same key !
    [@TalkeR]: the same CD key yes
    [L|nUTx]: so this x-ray thing is buged
    [@TalkeR]: you shouldn't have the same cd key
    [@CB]sro]: xray doesn't create the guid
    [@[CB]sro]: the game creates the guid, xray just shows it
    [L|nUTx]: Well no solution ?
    [L|nUTx]: I never shared my cd key so ...

    Wel I post this because I really need to understand what is the problem and need to be solved please !


    You are correct. The GUID is created by the game from the CDKey. They only way they would have the same GUID is if they are using the same CDKey.

    If they truly have not shared their CDKey and actually purchased the game, contact Midway.