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New Nvidia Drivers Fixes UT3 Crashes

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    So you mean the full directory "My documents/My games/Unreal tournament 3/UT Game/Config" file or the whole "My Games" File? Cuz I deleted the my games folder and it didn't do anything.


      Originally posted by warhead2 View Post
      again i wanna repeat what i did...if all else fails just delete your Mydocuments config directory. this fixes the issue for a lot of people. ut will rewrite the ini files with the latest settings. though u may get away with just deleting a few files like utgame.ini, utengine.ini, etc, removing the whole directory makes sure you get em all.
      Did that but after an hour or so it crashed again. So it doesn't work for me. Do you think it has something to do with custom content? Actually all this crashing started after I added some skins and tryed to play some custom maps. It did crashed in Torlan last time and I wasn't using the custom skins.


        So far... I have tried deleting those files under 'My Games', didn't work. I have the latest and greatest Nvidia driver for my gforce8800 gtx, doesn't work. Is there anything els?

        Has Epic Games just givin' up on it? I'd love to see someone post from Epic about this issue and if it is being resolved or not.


          My 8800 gtx runs ut3 fine with the latest drivers and 2.0 patch.I did have an issue with sb x-fi though, can't run open al any more. Not running x-ram.


            OK removing my Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config directory worked for me (I am running UT3 under Vista). Ok, TECHNICALLY, I renamed it instead of deleting it, so I could see all of my previous settings...

            Now I get the FUN job of putting all my settings and preferences back together. YEAH EPIC!

            At least I can play again though...

            WARNING! Deleting/renaming this folder required me to re-enter my CD key.


              to put this straight:
              1- i have huge fps drops with/without cpu oc(e8400@4.01GHZ, 4GB ram, 8800GT oc-ed)
              2- what kind of hardware do i need to run ut at 1024x768 (very very low graphic setting) without pulling may hair off
              3- why the hell do i get nvidia driver errors with or without latest drivers
              4- why should i even still play ut3
              5- precedent 4


                I did some magic and UT3 has not crashed ever since:

                1.-Try deleting ALL C:\Users\****\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3 (everything in it)
                ->I had to reenter my cd-key and my video settings return to default.
                ->PhysX maps were erased (Nvidia PhysX map pack is installed there by default)

                My key-binds were not changed.

                2.-Go to steam/steamapps/common right click on the folder for ut3 and click properties...
                if read only is checked, uncheck it.

                3.-Turn off all Overclocks. This game is known for it's sensitivity to OC and this might be the reason you are getting driver errors.

                Tell us if it works or if it doesn't work for you.


                  ok, if i delete my config files, etc from my games how can i still configure ut3 (utinput.ini, utgame.ini, etc)???
                  p.s. - i tried whith and whitout oc and teh game still crashes
                  p.s.2 - why do i get around 20~fps max with the new patch and titan pack?????????????????????????????????????????????


                    Jonze, this thread is about crashes so my post is about it.

                    Please read carefully. This content is in your "documents" file not your "programs" file. You won't touch your install files so no worries. In step one all content will be created again by game at launch. If you have some custom content there then just backup those files. Back up all if you feel better doing so. Unless you have lots of custom content there (you have to know if you do because it has to be dropped there by you manually with exception of the Nvidia PhysX map pack that have an installer that drops them in the documents file). It will take a few seconds more than normal to load the game but game itself will be stable.

                    If you want just try second step and see how it goes.

                    You have to find for yourself what is the cause for the low fps and setting all oc off is a good start. Can't tell you more than that because thats what I have tested.

                    For more tweaks try this link:

                    ...and if you find a solution please post it. Hope this helps.


                      you didn't get the picturie - it's not me who has to find out why t.f. i get 20fps with this configuration it's epicgame's job.

                      Second thing - who said anything about physX because i don't have those drivers installed

                      Third - please don't tell me it's because of the missing nvidia physx or pysx pack drivers!?!?1

                      Fourth - sorry for my pseudo-aggression but i'm not satisfied with the feeling that i should buy another vga at this moment so, i appologize.

                      Tonight (at about 20:00 PM) i will try to apply your suggestions and post the results!



                        thanks allot alterid for your guide - the problem is now solved
                        I deleted all the files from documents and than i installed nVidia physX driver!



                          If you're ever curious to try new beta drivers:

                          They also list WHQL ones, best source I've found, that link is to the Vista Nvidia ones, can browse from there to get to the 7/XP/ATI drivers etc.


                            Originally posted by warhead2 View Post
                            again i wanna repeat what i did...if all else fails just delete your Mydocuments config directory. this fixes the issue for a lot of people. ut will rewrite the ini files with the latest settings. though u may get away with just deleting a few files like utgame.ini, utengine.ini, etc, removing the whole directory makes sure you get em all.
                            Please keep in mind that your solutions sound promising only for Vista64 users. I appreciate your solution and will try it soon for WinXP SP2 32-bit. Is this still for only 182.08 or have you tried another one since then?

                            texhead, are all your other games still working with 178.24 and XP? did you try any other drivers that work with UT3?

                            alterid, what operating system and Nvidia drivers were involved with this "magic"?

                            I'm trying to run UT3 with the following configuration and it crashes without getting past splash screen on my new system (I still have to install all the latest stuff though, only patched through 1.3 right now):

                            OS: WinXP SP2
                            CPU: Intel Core2Duo E8600 Wolfdale
                            MB: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
                            HS: Noctua NH-C12P
                            RAM: Corsair 4GB(2x2GB) 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM 1066 (PC2 8500) TWIN2X4096-8500C5
                            VIDEO CARD: EVGA Nvidia GTX 280 (1GB) >> running 182.06 now!
                            PSU: Enermax Revolution85+ ERV850EWT 850W
                            HD: 2 WD 1TB internal drives (external Seagate disconnected for now)

                            Before I update my video drivers I'll try patching to the latest including the Titan Pack and then if that doesn't work then try the tricks mentioned in this thread. Thank you.


                              Looks like UT3 works now! And I didn't even have to change video drivers!

                              I tried deleting those 3 files and also the whole Config subd and either got same BSOD or UT3.exe has encountered problem errors, respectively. I then installed the Patch 2.0, Titan Pack and Patch 2.1 and rebooted between each update, restarted, got fancy new splash screen, but same BSOD. I was pretty disappointed by now and thought I would have to reinstall video drivers, but I decided to try the deleting the 3 files again (UTGame.ini, UTEngine.ini and UTEditor.ini) and I got in the game and played one DM match all the way through without changing my settings, rebooted, changed the settings to 1920x1200 etc., then played another match all the way through, rebooted, played another match, did not reboot, UT3 started again, played another match, rebooted, left AntiVir free anti-virus running this time and still was able to play.

                              UT3 is working for me now with the 182.06 drivers! Hope everyone else gets it running. Now I need to add the custom content and tweak my install.

                              EDIT: it didn't work again and now it's working again. Apparently, it had nothing to do with the video drivers but UT3 screwed up when I enabled Hardware OpenAL which I fixed by renaming the OpenGL files in the Binaries/Config subd so that both are the same files (whichever one is larger in size). Not sure how this works, but it does.


                                Any solution for laptop ?

                                As somebody sugested in my topic:

                                This driver is not for laptop.