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    a really quick question

    for our next assingment, we will be working on UT3. i have learnt most of the basics from Matine, to particles and kismet.

    im starting to get into the scripting side now. but have one quick question.
    My UT3 Mod is fairly simple.

    3rd person. - kind of figured this out.
    Different HUD - got a guide
    Ammo/Reload systyem - this should be fun to make
    My own character - found some cool guides

    thats it for now. im trying to keep it as simple as possible. once i achieve those, ill expand my thought bubbles.

    anyway, before i started working on this hardcore, i wanted to make sure...
    how do i package it all together?

    im a bit confussed about that stuff, and how to structure it so it comes all together in one downloadable package e.g

    just download DM-WagmansGame
    and when the person loads it, voila, its like playing a brand new game

    just a simple yes/no will be fine to me,just so i know that it can be done that way.
    or will i have to do a total conversion?
    and any links to material will be appraciated too! cheers guys