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only crashes on deck map

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    I've tried ALL nvidia drivers from 169.75 through 185.22 including unreleased betas and leaks.

    it acts like there is a texture command conflict somewhere in the map. you can quick force the crash when in game if i go get the shock rifle from behind the 3 crates on the stage and fire it down range or turn real quick. that causes instant crash. other wise it is about 45 sec to 1 min in that it will crash.

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    I think it's the driver. I can consistently reproduce a crash on that map with any driver set later than 180.48. Try 180.48 and let us know if that works. I'm running x64 Vista Ultimate, with an 8800 GTS (G92) card.

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  • started a topic only crashes on deck map

    only crashes on deck map

    to start sys specs
    MB: asus m2n32 sli deluxe wireless edition
    CPU: amd phenom 64 x4 9850
    MEM: 4 gig samsung hyper x 800 MHz
    VID: bfg 8800 gtx x2 sli @ 610core and 950 mem
    AUDIO: creative x-fi titanium champion series
    PSU: thermaltake 1000 watt 4 rail
    HDD: wd 1TB wd 320GB wd 120GB
    OPT. DRIVE: lg 16x dvd rw
    COOLING: danger den water system
    CASE: Ultra dragon

    windows vista home premium 64 bit

    nvidia 181.22 drivers

    my problem is the game crashes "ut3.exe has stopped working'
    the faults are
    the nvidia driver module then the game itself

    it only does this when playing on the DECK map

    this map will not play unless i roll back to 169.xx drivers (too out dated for this game and my others)

    tried reinstalling the game, game files, map files. even got map files from some one else

    activated my retail copy key in steam for a fresh dl of all game files still same problem

    game runs good on all drivers from 169 to 185 except the deck map.

    any ideas