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Need windows vista 64 bit help

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    Need windows vista 64 bit help

    Why when i play UT3 it crashes to the blue screen and has to do the whole memory dump thing. it happens to the one file that i could read in time before my comp restarts. nvlddmkm.sys. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN AND WHY DOES IT DO IT!!!

    I have the 178.24 Win Vista 64 drivers
    Official nvidia utilities to underclock my video card from stock overcloking

    Intel core 2 duo 3.00GHz
    5.00GB RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX 768MB


    Try these drivers


      I think i have the same problem as you. Windows XP 64-bit, intel core 2 quad Q9550, Nvidia Quadro FX3700, and 4gb of ram. I can play the game with all the stats high with no problem, but when i try to run a level inside the Unreal Editor it gives me a blue screen white writing for like a split second and then reboots. and i still have no answer from anyone, go figure.


        Alright. The release nvidia drivers and most of the betas cause UT3 to crash. Please install the 180.48 drivers. These will stop that.

        Thecursedmark: I have no experience with the editor so I can't help you unfortunately.