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Mods not loading / infinite load loop UT3 1.3

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    Mods not loading / infinite load loop UT3 1.3

    Just got my hands on a copy of UT3 for the PC, and decided to start playing it, registered online, easy, got to play a few online matches really quickly to test it out, then hit Campaing.

    A mate of mine told me of a few decent mods, so I gave them a go. Downloaded them, put them in the my games/ut3 (or whatever it was) folder. The mods show up in multi-player and in instant action, however, when I go to play the mod, I get an infinite Loading loop for the mod and the map I chose (regular or not).

    The mods I tried are: BattleRPG, The Haunted, and Zombie Apocolypse.

    All mods continually loop the loading screen, and the Task Manager (well, it becomes all hidden and flickery during the loading screen) shows that there is no change to the Memory usage of the game.

    All normal modes work fine (standard shipped vanilla UT3 modes) and so do the maps, just not the Mods that I have installed.

    Any ideas what is causing this?