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Washed out textures/shadows

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    Washed out textures/shadows

    I hope someone can help me with this.

    I can play UT3 and according to the box I have a little (very little) over the minimum specs required. The problem is, the textures and lighting are of very poor quality.

    Here's a screenshot...

    There's very broad banding and posterisation of colours. Adjacent bands of colour are very different, almost like an old 8bit console game.

    My computer's specs are:
    Pentium 4 2.6GHz
    1GB RAM
    Radeon 9800 Pro (latest Catalyst and drivers 8.12)
    Windows XP
    DirectX 9.0c
    UT3 patched to 1.3

    I've read other people have Radeon 9800's and don't have this problem, though I have read a post by one other person on another forum who had the exact same thing I have, but nobody responded to him and he didn't post any solution if he found one.

    Please help me! I love the UT games and want to start modding so I can do something for the phase 3 of MSUC!

    The problem is that you meet the minimum requirements, so you most likely have everything set to the lowest settings. To make it look better you need to go into your settings, under Video and raise your 'World Detail' and 'Texture Detail' settings. Also click the 'Advaced' tab and make sure your 'Screen Percentage' is set to 100%. But doing this will most likely make it unplayable for your rig.

    You can get something like the UT3 Tweaker that allows you to tweak certain things in your .ini files to improve your graphics while keeping the game playable.


      Well, I've tried World Detail and Texture Detail up to 5 before and all it did was cause the game to crawl along with the same visual craptitude.

      I will try both again in combination with Screen Percentage. Thanks for the reply.


      Thankyou so much!

      It was the Screen Percentage setting after all.

      I've taken the resolution down a little and taken SP up to 100%. No noticable drop in frame rate at WD and TD at 1. I'll try to fiddle with the settings a l bit, see which is the best compromise, maybe check out UT3 Tweaker too.

      At 100% and WD5 TD5, the engine slows to an almost standstill, just from the background scrolling level. But I tried it at level 3 for WD and TD and 100% SP...

      *sniff* It's so beautiful! Unfortunately there are major dropped frames, even at lower res.

      Thanks again AcidVenom. I now have just enough performance to at least partially test some maps/mods.


        i feel fortunate to be able to play it all on high
        Good luck sir! I hope your mods turn out well