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Error Initializing Network Layer

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  • Error Initializing Network Layer

    I've had ut3 for about a year now, and somehow overtime the networking has become completely broken on its own. I cant log on, I cant even host a Lan game without getting a "error initializing network layer"! I havent found a single solution to this problem anywhere. I would even be okay with being able to at play lan over the computers at my house as opposed to getting online when i have friends over, but i cant even do that. Ive tried a few solutions and they havent helped at all. Reinstalling the game didnt help, and using the netsh winsock reset manages to screw up my internet settings somehow instead of fixing them and its not my router because my old pc here has no problem logging in and making games with ut3 and i have my windows firewall off and that doesnt even help. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have no idea whats even remotely wrong here...

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    Managed to fix it myself, turns out it was corrupt winsock registry entrys, and after deleting them and manually reinstalling the internet protocol I can now host games and even log on again. Not sure why the winsock reset command didnt work since it relates. In anycase when I have time I'll post exactly what and how I went about fixing that.